Home cooking – marinated beef stir-fry

My first visit to the wet market was an eye-opener. It was fish day, apparently, so there were all sorts of aquatic animals on display, dead and alive. A bare-chested man was chopping the heads off wriggling frogs and deftly skinning them in one go with a pair of pliers. He was surrounded by buckets of live eels. There were plenty of other weird fish on display but we skipped that and went to the beef section, where a jovial man opened up a huge side (is it side? I’m no butcher) of rump and expertly cut us off two big chunks off rump, sliced them into stir-friable pieces and vacuum-sealed them. All for $16/kilo. It. was. awesome.

Possible more awesome was the little old lady who told us the best way to cook it – marinate in ginger, sesame oil and oyster sauce and stir-fry.

After picking up some mung beans and bok choy, Jacqui and I went home and followed the woman’s instructions. The end result was excellent. I always wanted to make something like this in New Zealand but never had basic ingredients like sesame oil or oyster sauce.






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