Champagne with your Sunday brunch! (A prelude)

Now for something a little bit more snooty.

Since Joe arrived in Singapore in March, we have been to three different champagne brunch feasts with friends. While this is undeniably indulgent (both for stomach and wallet) it’s important only because it now makes us experts on which are the best. This is gluttonous necessary as we have two more opportunities in the next few months to do this all over again – first, when Kieran (Jacqui’s other half) shimmies on over from NZ this weekend, and secondly when Joseph’s mum and stepdad come a-calling in November.

For those of you who don’t know, a champagne brunch is something offered by most upmarket hotels in Singapore, where you pay a flat fee for some seriously devine all-you-can-eat food AND free flow champagne. Yes. Free. Flow. They usually run from 11am-4pm and you arrive sober and dressed to the nines… but inevitably leave looking more trashy than flashy after far too much of this:

 So far, we have been to the brunch at the St Regis (roughly $180++ per head), the Sentosa Resort & Spa Hotel on Sentosa Island ($146++ per head) and the Hyatt (roughly $160++ per head). Holy **** I just added that up and that is roughly $1000 on three meals. Shite.

Well then, I guess this blog is suddenly more of an appreciation of the brunch food we have devoured, and less of a prelude to the champagne brunches that will be. Oh alright, I suppose I can do ONE more… all in the name of research. Watch this space.

mezza9, Grand Hyatt Singapore (10 Scotts Rd, +65 6738 1234): HUGE room. Incredible sushi and dumpling spread. Also a fantastic array of cheeses, cold cuts and bread. The chocolate fountain was a nice touch and the strawberries were spot on. Totally devoured everything imaginable, so everything has blurred into one. Champagne: Can’t remember (whoops). Bubbles top-up rating: 7/10. They were busy, so we had to ask them a few times for refills. It all got messy, but it was all something like this:









Brasserie Les Saveurs, St Regis (29 Tanglin Rd, +65 650 66888): Book early, the brunch area is smaller than the others and fills up quick. Less appropriate for children. Different in that you can pick a main meal from the menu in addition to your 390857924629576 oysters and lobster tails (Joseph….). Unlimited numbers of various cocktails (lychee martinis spring to mind) are also included in the cost. Waiters bring around bite-sized delights at your beck and call. Champage: Moet & Chandon. Bubbles top-up rating: 9/10 (as in, they topped up our drinks after one sip). Food delights such as this:








The Terrace, Sentosa Resort & Spa Hotel (2 Bukit Manis Rd, Sentosa) +65 6371 1414: Make sure you get a good seat. We were on a big table quite far away from the buffet. This meant a wibbly wobbly walk for those of us in heels to get to the food, but also that the waiters took a while to make it to us to top up our drinks. We’re fast drinkers. We rated the Japanese spread here, as well as the lush roast meats section. Drool. Champagne: Duval Leroy. Bubbles top-up rate: 5/10.

No photos of this one (sorry) but here’s an image from the interwebs so it doesn’t feel left out:

Can you say, OM NOM NOM?

Blog readers: Any tips on where to go next, if our budget will allow it?


4 thoughts on “Champagne with your Sunday brunch! (A prelude)

  1. I am drooling. Never had champagne brunch before. Mostly high teas and I do love the one at the Rose Veranda at Shangri-la Hotel. The Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel was good too, because they gave us a private room. I am quite sure these hotels will have their Sunday Champagne brunches too. Can’t wait to see more of your photos, but they are tempting me to the extreme 😉

  2. We did the Italian one at the Mandarin Oriental – very good. When we went they brought out little samples of everything on each course for you to try and then if you really liked any you could order a larger portion of it. This meant I still had room for dessert (always a good thing).

  3. Oooh they all sound delish!
    Laura, do you remember the cost of the Mandarin Oriental one by any chance?
    Bookjunkie, I’ve never done the Shangri-La, do you remember the cost of that as well?

    Am on a bit more of a budget these days, but if money were no object you’d see me at a different Sunday champagne brunch every weekend. Actually.

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