The Mexican Burrito Breakfast

So, I have this friend (a pretty good one, in fact) and her name is Rosanna. She’s half Mexican. This is cool and exotic and grand, and relevant for multiple culinary reasons: 1) She is one of these people who just knows how to cook – her whole family does – and thus, she is probably the best teacher I’ve had, and 2) When I can’t be bothered to cook (or more likely, she doesn’t wish to sit through yet another kitchen creation disaster of mine) she insists on doing the cooking herself. Such is life.

Her Latin roots kicked in this weekend when, after a fairly epic two days in honour of Lee, the visiting Welshman, she said the words that were so very sweet to my ears: “Come over on Sunday guys, I’ll make brunch! Eggs. Mexican eggs.” Ohhh, how I love huevos rancheros (not, as our other friend Lauren said it once, ‘eggs rancheroooooos’). This brilliant breakfast incorporates so many of my favourite ingredients, not to mention some of the most important components of Mexican cooking – soft, hot flour tortillas, eggs, chilies, salsa verde, regular salsa, sour cream, coriander, refried beans, mozzarella… plus a whole bunch of other things I’ve forgotten, I’m sure. As if this wasn’t enough, Rosanna then said: “Actually, maybe I’ll make some margaritas as well!” I could have kissed her. I probably did. They weren’t too strong for our fragile bodies (thanks to her dad’s wicked mixing skills) and were the perfect touch to the perfect hangover breakfast, being served into glasses from a glass barrel. With a tap! Like this, see how awesome?:

Now, I’m no expert on Mexican cooking, but it’s safe to say I’m pretty good at eating it. I’m fairly certain this is what you do with the tortilla (Rosanna, correct me in the comments if I’m wrong, then tell me off, and cook me some more so I can get it right next time):

1) Grab your hot little tortilla from the very cute woven basket they sit in (you should definitely buy one if you don’t have one) and slather it with refried beans, which acts as a sort of glue for the rest of the food to sit on top of. Here are the tortillas:

2) Spoon your eggs on top, making sure you get plenty of fluffy goodness on there – and don’t forget the chili!

3) Drip over your salsa verde, salsa, sour cream, then top it off with a pinch of coriander.

4) Lay some slices of avocado across the top, fold your tortilla over (tucking up one end if need be – for amateurs, bah! – as so to not let the goodness inside drip onto your plate or lap) and DEVOUR. With a grin on your face. It should end up looking something like this:

 And this is Rosanna, looking happy as Larry with her efforts (as she should be):

Best hangover breakfast. Best way to eat eggs. Best company for a lazy Sunday morning. Gold star for you, Rosie.

Oh yeah, and then, make sure you eat a home-made apple cake like this for dessert. Then, you can die.


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