Every day is a purple kind of day

Just when we thought Singapore’s amazing hawker centres couldn’t get any better, along came something so delicious, so perfect and so unbelievably refreshing that when Joe or Jacqui asks me the following question, I can physically feel my tastebuds hugging each other in anticipation: “So, do you guys feel like getting a purple juice?”   

This question is normally met with a resounding and desperate “YES!”. Once you have had the pleasure of ingesting the almighty Purple Juice (yes, it deserves capitals) you will understand the crazed looks in our eyes when we know it’s juice time. It’s kind of like our (very Singaporean and not at all illegal) version of crack. 

Purple Juice is actually the delightful and surprising combination of red dragonfruit and soursop. For those of you yet to experience the taste of either, red dragonfruit is the brightly purple-coloured sibling to regular (rather tasteless) white dragonfruit. Soursop (which, I’ll admit, doesn’t have the most appealing name) is from the same family as the pawpaw and kind of looks like colourless, syrupy snot with black lumps (seeds) in it when it’s chopped up. I may not be selling this to you very well, but wait for it: when you put these two unassuming fruits together, in a blender, blended by a little old man (who now doesn’t even have to ask “wha you wan?” when we visit him) you are transported into JUICE HEAVEN. Dramatic? Yes. An exaggeration? Absolutely not.

Now, I may have to tell you here that we cannot take credit for the Purple Juice discovery. I’m not even sure locals know about it – in fact, judging by the confused and stupified looks I’ve received from other (less awesome) juice vendors when I’ve requested it, I’d put money on the fact that most locals won’t have tried this concoction. So, as much as I’d like to claim it as my own discovery, it was actually our dear friend and fellow Kiwi export, Lauren, who is responsible for spreading the purple joy throughout the lives of all my friends/visitors/random people I talk to. The juice vendor is probably pretty happy about it, too. I’m sure Fruit Juice #848 at Maxwell Food Centre in Chinatown has noticed a significant jump in his profits since the Kiwis came to town.

So, that’s the purple juice story. Or what I’m now calling The Purple Juice Phenomenon. You heard it here first!

Warning: Do not ever think that any other juice will do when Purple Juice is around. Today, Jacs (stupidly) decided to go for an avocado smoothie, which she had been craving since her arrival 10 days ago. You can see how well that went by looking at the attached photo.

Also, I should probably warn you, purple juice can lead to some other purple, er, things. Or, as our friend Lex dubbed it, Purple Rain. You have been warned (we’re responsible people here at Kai Ora; don’t ever say we don’t care about your health).


4 thoughts on “Every day is a purple kind of day

  1. I don’t like dragon fruit but I love soursop and that purple is sooo inviting 🙂 If I ever do try it I will say Kai Ora brought me. To think I’m Singaporean and haven’t ever heard of this. Good thing I can here.

  2. I just came across your blog through Mr Orangefoamfinger. I love it! There are so many foods (and drinks) to try in Singapore and purple juice is now next on my list closely followed by the fush and chups 🙂

    • Thanks Mrs Foam Finger! Have to say your hubby’s blog gives me the giggles as well. Love it!
      Let me know when you try the purple juice. I might even see you there… I’m there a lot! 🙂 – Rebecca

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