Craving of the day: Din Tai Fung

Chances are, if you’re my (Rebecca’s) friend, you like dumplings. And by like I mean love. And by love I mean would die for.

Last night was an unexpected affair, which resulted in one too many Jagerbombs (one is really too many) in Boat Quay and so now, Joe, Jacs and I are feeling a bit seedy. This ultimately leads to a discussion as to which hangover food is best. Right now I could slay some nacho cheese Doritos (Q: What did the Mexican say to the cheese thief? A: That’s nacho cheese!), while Jacs is craving pretty much anything to snack on (you should have seen the Ryvita cracker she just caked in Marmite) and Joe is probably keen to get on the Pimms about now to bring the last 24 hours around full circle.

But, if Din Tai Fung were a wee bit closer to our apartment. We would be there. Devouring these like there is no tomorrow:

The ones on the left are pork dumplings, filled with a hot soupy liquid at the bottom, which oozes out when you chomp into it. The ones on the right are also pork, but topped with one perfect shrimp, like a ripe cherry perched on pursed lips. Soak them in soya sauce and vinegar, and top it with finely sliced ginger and you’re good to go.

Ohm nom nom. Perhaps we could fit in a trip to Din Tai Fung before the Jagerbombs begin again this evening?


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