For weeks, the whare has largely been a caffeine-free zone. While this is largely a ripple on effect of Rebecca’s health kick, on Wednesday this week, it was just a case of not having any milk in the fridge.

The supermarket seemed so very far away, and Joseph and Jacqueline became convinced the one thing preventing them from becoming ensconced in their “freelance” writing assignments was a lack of caffeine. They started dreaming of the creamy, powerful flat whites of home, and then Joseph remembered a fellow Kiwi’s rave about a “Melbourne” style café in Chinatown. Melbourne is famous for fashion, music and fantastic coffee, and Auckland is not far behind. While Singapore has plenty of Starbucks and Coffee Beans around, Melbournites and Aucklanders know sugary chain coffee is just not the same as a perfect espresso topped with aerated soy milk. So, armed with their laptops, they set off in search of the perfect c’office (café office). It took a while to find, as The plain hides behind minimalistic signage, but it was worth the effort.

Not only were the flat whites flat whites, but the eggs were eggs, the Vegemite Vegemite (a thick salty spread commonly eaten on toast in Australia and New Zealand which is not nearly as good as New Zealand Marmite – NOT THE SAME AS SINGAPOREAN MARMITE) and their bircher muesli amongst the best Jacqueline has tried. And she eats a lot of bircher muesli.

Every Wednesday night The Plain holds “hump night” night (which probably alludes to the sign in the window, “coffee drinkers make better lovers”),  where they sell Australian beer Little Creatures and puts on a spread of surprise snacks that even the staff don’t know about until they are serving them. Kai Ora plans to head along next week, or possibly the week after. Stay tuned.

The Plain, 50 Craig Rd (off Neil Rd), Singapore. Espressos $2.80, flat whites $3.50 – $4.50 (depending on whether or not you take soy); bircher $5.50 (small); no more than $11.50.


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