The first feast

It started with a Chinese feast at a restaurant with a name made of characters these hungry writers couldn’t even begin to decipher (BUt they have enrolled in Mandarin classes). It followed with dragon fruit and soursop juice from a hawker stand in Chinatown. It continued with whitebait fritters, a New Zealand speciality, made with ingredients from the wet market down the road, topped with cool glasses of Pimm’s, a British staple. By the time it came to bagels, salmon and cream cheese for breakfast, a university hangover special, these four Kiwis deemed it absolutely necessary to document their deliciously exotic, decadent Singaporean lives on the internet in a bid to lure more friends to their apartment in Pearl Bank (AKA, the whare).

Eat your hearts out Auckland. Here is the whare’s hangover spread:

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Ingredients; avocado, sheets of smoked salmon, fresh bagels, Philadelphia from Cold Storage, mango from the market, Thai basil from the windowsill. Serve on a Chinese table.


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